How it all began

One sunny day in our garden flew a wonderful bird - it was a cardinal. We decided to feed it. Wildbird liked our seed and the next day our guest visited us once more. 

When cardinal began flying to us regularly, we made a special bird feeder for cardinals, our feathered friends, and hung it on the tree. It brought happiness to our kids, but the feeder for the bird was far from our house (in the yard). Admiring via binoculars was not comfort. Our children preferred to see birds up close. 

Then we decided to make our new hobby as comfortable as possible. We made the first clear window bird feeder. We mounted it on the window of our house. Every day the whole our family, including our cat,  admired on wild birds. Close up show was really great!

During a month we attracted to our feeder more than 10 different birds. When our friends came to us with their kids, they fascinated by the bird-spectacle. Friends asked us to make a bird feeder on the window for them. We decided that it would be great to bring joy to other people. In addition, we also help other wild birds.


We began to make bird feeders to order. When the orders became more and more, we decided to create BirdieFancier. We like to give joy to people, as well as help the wild birds.

Since then it has been a long time. Our children have grown up, but still like to study wildlife, bird watching and helping them. So, we can say with confidence that BirdieFancier window bird feeder is suitable for all ages. 

Moreover, you can be proud to give this unique bird feeder as a gift. Beautifully designed packaging makes this gift very impressive.

We care about You

Caring about the buyer, BirdieFancier uses the highest quality materials in the manufacture of the product. Squirrel free bird feeders designed for maximum wild birds interest. Every little thing posted - from size to fluted green rubber, which helps birds to land, feed and drink in full comfort, 

Our customers love BirdieFancier feeder, we are sure. you will too.  So, welcome to our little community of BirdieFanciers! Enjoy endless hours of bird close-up viewing all year round!

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