Window mounted bird feeder details

window mounted bird feeder

BirdieFancier created long-lasting & functional product.

  • High quality, designed for long-lasting use, crystal-clear acrylic construction
  • Super-strong, all-weather suction cup bird feeder with hooks for mounting on any glass surface
  • 3 sections removable tray: one for water and two (with drain holes) for seed – easy to refill and clean
  • Numerous holes in the main feeder and tray ensure air circulation and water drainage
  • Silicone pads on the corners of tray ensuring the tray will be stable and water drainage\air circulation will be efficient
  • Comfortable, fluted green rubber helps birds to land, feed and drink safely
  • Overhanging roof is perfect for weather protection

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Designed for the greatest bird's interest 

squirrel feederBirdieFancier developed the most attractive squirrel proof birdfeeder for different birds in your backyard.

  • Perfect size for most wild birds (best bird feeder for cardinals)
  • Squirrel resistant design means that birds can feed in safety
  • An additional section for the water attracts more birds

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What You'll Find In The Box 

  • BirdieFancier Window Bird Feeder
  • Detailed Instructions How TO INSTALL and How TO CLEAN the birdfeeder
  • FREE Useful tips to help you attract birds to a new feeder


bird feeders for cardinals

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Excellent packaging makes BirdieFancier bird feeder from a simple object to the unique gift. 

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with our product, please let us know and we will send you a FULL REFUND
(within 30 days of delivery)

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